Microwave Review - Vol. 21, No. 2, December 2015



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A Study of Specific Absorption Rate and Shielding Effectiveness for Money Plant at 2.4 GHz

Md. Faruk Ali, S.B. Belamgi, S. Ray

Short Slots as Resonance Tuning Elements in Rectangular ENZ Waveguides

N. Vojnović, B. Jokanović, M. Radovanović

Highly Directive Patch Antenna Array for FMCW Radar at Ku Band

N. Bošković, B. Jokanović, F. Oliveri, D. Tarchi

Design and Analysis of a Compact Planar Dual Band-notched UWB Antenna

S. Tomar, A. Kumar

Serbia and Montenegro IEEE MTT-S Chapter Activities in 2015

Z. Marinković

TELSIKS Conference - The twelfth edition in 2015

Z.  Stanković, B. Stošić, T. Dimitrijević, N. Dončov, B. Milovanović 

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